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Tory for your Terrier

For the pup that has everything, how about this Tory Burch leash in orange and natural leather?

For the pup that has everything, how about a Tory Burch leash? $95.00 via

My +1 is not a PitBull

What do you with the dog who comes for dinner?

This is a new challenge for us and, yes, we love dogs. On the other hand, there are some places they do not belong and yet, just like that annoying nephew who insists on ruining your last weekend at the beach house with a gaggle of fraternity brothers, how do you say no to the dog?

The last time I had a party, my (now gratefully former) assistant arrived with a dog that could have given the Hound of the Baskervilles a run for his devil-dog money. He was enormous, barked incessantly, and managed to chew the decorative carving off my solid mahogany entry door in less than two hours. He terrorized the (human) children of (human) guests. He lept up on a brand-new Mercedes MacLaren SL65 and effectively clawed the door.

There are times when I have an appetite for destruction. I like a little danger, a little bit of whiskey, a few comrades with rakish twinkles in their eyes.

That equation does not ungainly mutts who failed doggie charm school in close combination to priceless silk rugs and people who like their food sans dog hair.

Fido is delightful. In my mind, he really doesn’t want a human birthday party. He doesn’t want to be called the GrandDog. He doesn’t want to get yelled at to get off the carpet or off the sofa or be doused with doggie perfume. He certainly does not want to dress up as Santa for Christmas and have his picture made with you. Show him some respect. And your host likewise.

Otherwise Stay! at home.