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Substance Over Style

Can polo get any flashier?  There are times when I think it must be impossible to pile on any more bling, what with skydivers, cheerleaders, helicopters unloading celebrities onto the field in Palm Beach, not to mention swiveling bikini babes on the tables at beach polo in Miami (as if there is such a thing as beach polo), well-heeled Germans lining the heated tents in St. Moritz for snow polo (as if there is such a thing as polo on snow).  Let’s face it; it gets a little dizzying.

My theory is that the spectacle of polo is not polo at all ,just the trappings, like a beautiful girl who looks great until you see her without her makeup and deem her unrecognizable.

There days, I’m all about the dynastic influence of polo as an elegant game.  (In the interest of self-disclosure here, let it be said I am the wife of a third generation polo player from one of the great dynastic families of South Asia).  I’m not a purist, but still feel that we could abandon the theatrics surrounding so-called club entertainment in favor of more traditional protocol, gentlemanly play, better horsemanship, and more equity for a diversity of players.

In short, more substance.

The style will take care of itself.

—Donna L.M. Khan

Florida: International Polo Club Palm Beach Calendar

Joe Barry Memorial 20 Goal Close:TBD
(Jan.5- Jan. 23, 2011) Draw: TBD
Ylvisaker Cup 20 Goal Close:TBD
(Jan. 20-Feb. 20, 2011) Draw:TBD
Iglehart Cup 20 Goal Close:TBD
(Feb 16-Feb. 27, 2011) Draw: TBD
C.V. Whitney
26 Goal Close:TBD
(Feb 12-Feb. 27, 2011) Draw: TBD
Piaget Gold Cup
26 Goal Close:TBD
(Feb 24-Mar. 20, 2011) Draw: TBD
U.S. Open 26 Goal Close:TBD
(Mar 17-Apr. 17, 2011) Draw: TBD