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Pakistan’s Bid for the FIP World Cup

Here’s the latest news from Shah Qubilai Alam regarding the Pakistan Polo Team’s upcoming bid for the FIP World Cup of Polo.
So here’s the latest folks…..

The Pakistan Polo Team is due in Malaysia on June 10, 2011 to participate in the World Cup Qualifiers. The matches will run till June 26th & the top 3 finishers will go on to the WC in Argentina in October ’11.

The budget required for this whole expedition is USD 300k, which includes Training Camp costs as well as the trip to Malaysia itself. We’re currently in discussions with potential sponsors to raise the amount required, but will gladly welcome any personal donations to the fund as well.

A number of our group members had expressed an interest in contributing to the cause & all such infusions will greatly assist us in getting closer to our target. Those of u interested in doing so are welcome to contact me via email & I’ll forward u the account details for the Pakistan Polo Team.

No amount will be considered too great or too small, remember this is for Pakistan, by Pakistan!



Pakistan Polo Association Tournament Schedule

Lahore 19 Sponsored Tournament 27 Dec 10 2 Jan 11 2-6 Sanctioned
20 Sponsored Tournament. 3 Jan 11 9 Jan 11 4-8 Sanctioned
# 21 Lahore Open Polo Cup. 10 Jan 11 16 Jan 11 4-8 Sanctioned
22 Sponsored Tournament. 17 Jan 11 23 Jan 11 5-10 Sanctioned
* 23 Sponsored Tournament. 24 Jan 11 30 Jan 11 7-12 Sanctioned
24 Sponsored Tournament. 31 Jan 11 6 Feb 11 7-12 Sanctioned
25 The Aibak Polo Cup. 7 Feb 11 13 Feb 11 10-14 Sanctioned
26 Punjab Polo Cup. 14 Feb 11 20 Feb 11 10-14 Sanctioned
27 Quaid-e-Azam Gold Cup
(National Championship).
21 Feb 11 6 Mar 11 10-14
(2 Weeks)
28 PPA Challenge Polo Cup 7 Mar 11 13 Mar 11 14-18 Sanctioned
29 Fund Raising Exhibition Match Date Later
30 Maj Gen Sher Ali Khan Pataudi Memorial Exhibition Match. Date Later Sanctioned
31 Lt Gen Yousaf Memorial Exhibition Match. Date Later Sanctioned
32 Brig Gul Nawaz Khan Memorial Exhibition Match. Date Later
@ 33 Argentina Polo Trophy Exhibition Match. Date Later Sanctioned
Multan 34 Sponsored Tournament. 14 Mar 11 20 Mar 11 0-4 Sanctioned
35 Jahanzeb Memorial Polo Cup. 21 Mar 11 27 Mar 11 2-6 Sanctioned
Gujranwala 36 Gen Abrar Hussain Memorial Cup. Later 0-4 Sanctioned
Rawalpindi 37 Mr M P Bhandara Memorial (Murree Brewery Polo Cup). 28 Mar 11 2 Apr 11 0-4 Sanctioned
38 Ris Maj Ahmed Khan, ASC, Memorial Polo Tournament. 4 Apr 11 9 Apr 11 0-4 Sanctioned
39 Pearl Continental Polo Cup. 11 Apr 11 16 Apr 11 2-6 Sanctioned
40 COAS Polo Cup and Show Jumping Championship. 17 Apr 11 24 Apr 11 0-6 Sanctioned
41 Trades Polo Cup (Sponsored). 25 Apr 11 30 Apr 11 2-6 Sanctioned
42 President of Pakistan Polo Trophy. 2 May 11 7 May 11 6-10 Sanctioned
Abbottabad 43 PMA Polo Cup. 16 May 11 22 May 11 0-4 Sanctioned
44 Sponsored Tournament. 23 May 11 29 May 11 0-4 Sanctioned


The Peacock Throne

I’m really loving the resurgence of polo in Asia — China, India & Pakistan, and Dubai in particular.  It never really left, of course, but, to many westerners, polo was an ‘English’ game and the fact that they have played for more than 2,000 years throughout South and Central Asia still comes as something of a surprise to neophytes determined to see all sports as western ones.

I hope this interest among the newly-minted millionaires in India and China will lead to the cultivation of new players and new opportunities for mid-level international play via the Federation of International Polo and elsewhere.  Shah Qublai Alam, the son of the great player Rafay Alam  and grandson of Pakistan’s superstar Heskey Baig, is assembling the Pakistan team to make a bid for the FIP World Championship in Brasil.  The team knows it’s a long shot — everything from mounting the team to playing in one of the most politically unstable environments in the world presents a challenge for the players, who are determined to bring something good out of the rubble in Karachi and Lahore and return the game to its glory days.  Traveling through Pakistan, I am always struck by the average man’s familiarity with the game  of polo and interest in it as a traditional sport.  Polo is still covered in the major newspapers and, most importantly, polo is seen as an important part of South Asian life.

Let’s wish them luck.  Pakistan Zindabad!