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Genghis Khan Polo Club

Shang Hai Tang Polo Team in Mongolia

We’re very excited about the upcoming visit of the Genghis Khan Polo Club (aka the Shang Hai Tang Polo team) to the Ham Polo Club on June 17th.  You can learn more about the team via this gorgeously produced video:


The Gentleman’s Game?

Great photos of player Dawn Jones in Florida with her San Saba team;  I’m sure she gets a bit tired of being called “Mrs. Tommy Lee Jones” (though certainly NOT tired of Mr. Joens himself, who is quite a gentleman and a great patron of the sport).  A decade in to the 2000s, one wonders just how long it’s going to take for reporters to understand that a woman can do something without the male reference (i.e., why is the fact that she’s TLJ’s wife entering into the polo picture at all).


She’s a great player and a lot of fun to watch, very lean and quick.


All the best to Florida!