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One of the most wonderful aspects of being married to a polo player is the joie de vivre  of living life at a gallop — different places, different people, new adventures.  I spent my birthday one year in the shadow of the K2, the second highest mountain in the world.  One Christmas I found myself in the penthouse suite at the InterContinental Barclay New York.  From polo to politics, one thing has remained constant:  a zeal for living and its corollary, a love of a good, hot shower.

Which is why I was delighted to receive these beautiful hand-crafted Italian soaps as part of my ongoing Christmas extravaganza.  I think luxury soaps are an absolute necessity if you’re living the adventure — after all, what’s the fun of getting dirty if you can’t eventually get clean?

There are few things better than a box of luxury soaps for Christmas, don't you agree?

Substance Over Style

Can polo get any flashier?  There are times when I think it must be impossible to pile on any more bling, what with skydivers, cheerleaders, helicopters unloading celebrities onto the field in Palm Beach, not to mention swiveling bikini babes on the tables at beach polo in Miami (as if there is such a thing as beach polo), well-heeled Germans lining the heated tents in St. Moritz for snow polo (as if there is such a thing as polo on snow).  Let’s face it; it gets a little dizzying.

My theory is that the spectacle of polo is not polo at all ,just the trappings, like a beautiful girl who looks great until you see her without her makeup and deem her unrecognizable.

There days, I’m all about the dynastic influence of polo as an elegant game.  (In the interest of self-disclosure here, let it be said I am the wife of a third generation polo player from one of the great dynastic families of South Asia).  I’m not a purist, but still feel that we could abandon the theatrics surrounding so-called club entertainment in favor of more traditional protocol, gentlemanly play, better horsemanship, and more equity for a diversity of players.

In short, more substance.

The style will take care of itself.

—Donna L.M. Khan

My +1 is not a PitBull

What do you with the dog who comes for dinner?

This is a new challenge for us and, yes, we love dogs. On the other hand, there are some places they do not belong and yet, just like that annoying nephew who insists on ruining your last weekend at the beach house with a gaggle of fraternity brothers, how do you say no to the dog?

The last time I had a party, my (now gratefully former) assistant arrived with a dog that could have given the Hound of the Baskervilles a run for his devil-dog money. He was enormous, barked incessantly, and managed to chew the decorative carving off my solid mahogany entry door in less than two hours. He terrorized the (human) children of (human) guests. He lept up on a brand-new Mercedes MacLaren SL65 and effectively clawed the door.

There are times when I have an appetite for destruction. I like a little danger, a little bit of whiskey, a few comrades with rakish twinkles in their eyes.

That equation does not ungainly mutts who failed doggie charm school in close combination to priceless silk rugs and people who like their food sans dog hair.

Fido is delightful. In my mind, he really doesn’t want a human birthday party. He doesn’t want to be called the GrandDog. He doesn’t want to get yelled at to get off the carpet or off the sofa or be doused with doggie perfume. He certainly does not want to dress up as Santa for Christmas and have his picture made with you. Show him some respect. And your host likewise.

Otherwise Stay! at home.

True Luxury

Ines de la Fressange


Karl Lagerfeld famously said, “Chic-er than Ines you cannot be.”

Truer words were never spoken, perhaps, but I’d like to believe Karl had something more philosophical in mind.  After all, can one ever really attain the chic of another person?  Isn’t it just better to do it for yourself?  We think so.

Which is why we have recently enlisted our own style icon, Christine Scarinzi, to serve as style editor over on our main website,  Christine brings a kind of casual, bohemian upscale chic to our concepts of fieldside (and afterparty) luxury:  relaxed, contemporary via her experience at Takashimaya New York and as a regional rep for Chanel.  Each week, Christine will curate a few looks to consider for this weekend’s polo.  Nothing too serious, nothing too written in blood, just a few suggestions to make us all look more chic and, well, more like ourselves.

Chicer than Ines?  Just be yourself.

Sexy Polo Photo of the Week

Polo is sexy enough on its own, of course, but when filtered through the capable lens of an artistic genius, sometimes amazing things happen. Hence the retrospective of fashion photographer Helmut Newton’s work, Houston hosts the U.S. premiere of an exhibition featuring the entire contents from Helmut Newton´s first three groundbreaking books: White Women (1976), Sleepless Nights (1978), and Big Nudes (1981). The 205 photographs in these books established Newton´s reputation as the supreme recorder of female identity, and as a master craftsman of the photographic medium. A complete set of the prints in the exhibition has been acquired by the MFAH.

Newton (1920–2004) survived Nazi Germany as a self-supporting, nomadic teenager to emerge a world-renowned photographer. His images moved beyond the accepted standard of how females could
be portrayed. The prints on view in Helmut Newton: White Women • Sleepless Nights • Big Nudes were made specifically for the exhibition and are large-scale—some reaching nearly 8 x 8 feet. Contributing to the exhibition catalogue—available exclusively at MFAH Shop—are designer Karl Lagerfeld and Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

Included in the images is Newton’s Saddle I, featured above, from his Sleepless Nights series. We’ll leave it to your imagination as to what might be going on here (all of Newton’s images are full of philosophical ambiguity), but you must see this exhibit if you’re in Houston.

Laureus Polo Cup @ Guards

WINDSOR, UNITED KINGDOM, June 18, 2011 – Some of the best players in the world served up a feast of exciting, world-class polo at the highly successful Laureus Polo Cup, staged at the Guards Polo Club, Windsor. 

Argentinian stars Eduardo Heguy, Juan Pablo MacDonough, Juan Martin Nero and Eduardo Novillo-Astrada took part in a thrilling match which raised over €75,000 for the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation Argentina.

The action was watched by an enthusiastic celebrity audience including Laureus World Sports Academy Members Hugo Porta and Daley Thompson. They were joined by former England football player Jamie Redknapp and his wife Louise, plus radio broadcaster DJ Spoony.

The victors were a team representing Laureus Global Partners IWC Schaffhausen, who won 5-4 against a team sponsored by Mercedes-AMG, the Performance brand of Mercedes-Benz – but the real winners were disadvantaged children all over Argentina, who benefit from the help they receive from Laureus.

Teams were: IWC Schaffhausen – 1.Kassem Shafi, 2.Saeed Bin Drai, 3.Eduardo Heguy, 4.Juan Martin Nero; Mercedes-AMG – 1.HRH Prince Bahar Jefri Bolkiah, 2.Amr Zedan, 3.Eduardo Novillo-Astrada, 4.Juan Pablo MacDonough. 

In addition to sponsoring one of the teams, renowned Swiss watch-maker IWC Schaffhausen donated a special Laureus edition Ingenieur Automatic watch from the IWC Vintage Collection in stainless steel, only 1,000 of which are being manufactured, which was auctioned to raise additional funds.

Argentinian rugby legend Hugo Porta, President of Fundacion Laureus Argentina, said: “I am overwhelmed that so many people have been so generous to give us the means to change young people’s lives in my own country. This has become a great event.  Everyone who has come to Windsor has not just had a great day out, but has contributed to an important cause.  I would like to thank all the great polo players who took part and to thank all the individuals and companies involved who have shown such an enormous sense of social responsibility.”

Jamie Redknapp said: “It was a lovely day and lovely to see so many beautiful animals who are all so perfectly trained. I don’t often come to polo, but it was well worth seeing such high class sport. It was great to see how much Laureus raised from the day. One of my special treats was to meet Daley Thompson, who was one of my sporting idols when I was young.”

Eduardo Heguy, who was captain of the winning IWC team, said: “This was a great event in one of the most important polo clubs with a huge tradition. It was an excellent match – especially because my team won – and it was an honour to be part of this special Laureus event and even more important to know that we have been able to help many kids through sport. It’s a great gift to be able to do that.”

The mission of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation is to utilise the power of sport to address social challenges through a worldwide programme of sports related community development initiatives.  Laureus supports 84 projects worldwide and since its inception in 2000 has raised over €40 million for projects which have improved the lives of more than one-and-a-half million young people.

The Fundacion Laureus Argentina was founded in May 2003 by Hugo Porta, who is currently very much involved in its daily management, while also making time to visit the outstanding projects supported by the Foundation. The headquarters are in Buenos Aires with the Foundation’s work extending to distant Argentine provinces that greatly benefit from its backing. Currently, the Foundation supports six projects:

Club Deportivo Barracas in General LaMadrid, Buenos Aires, which uses sport as well as a traditional Argentinian dance, the murga, to reinforce the importance of education, community, and values.

Union y Amistad de San Isidro Project in Buenos Aires, which has set up sports activity sessions and educational workshops in an area where crime, drugs, alcohol, violence and firearms use is prevalent.

West City Project in Mendoza, which uses football and hockey to address crime, delinquency and drug abuse.

Club Atletico Platense, based in Laprida, which works with 400 children and young people promoting equal opportunities and a community spirit through sport offering figure skating, football and library activities.

Fundacion El Desafio in Santa Fe, which aims to improve the quality of life of children and families from vulnerable groups and help to eradicate the causes of poverty by promoting community development.

Virreyes Hockey which offers a curriculum based on education through sport for girls and young women from a vulnerable neighbourhood. Its general objective is to provide a space for integration and personal development by promoting the values inspired by sport. These sport-inspired objectives include perseverance, friendship, respect, tolerance, responsibility and honesty.

Cartoon of the Day

Courtesy Chisholm Gallery:



A Nod is as Good as a Wink… to a Blind {Polo Pony}

Polo RocksOkay, so we lifted that title from a Faces album, but, really now, if you don’t have your tickets for the upcoming Polo Rocks @ Hurtwood Polo Club, Saturday July 23rd in Surrey, you’re gonna miss so much we can’t even begin to go into it.  Ronnie Wood!  The Faces!  A silent auction for everything from your own private blend of Royal Salute to a Saville Row jacket.  All that and POLO!  Really, can you afford to wait one more second?  I think not!

The polo part is the 15th annual Chakravarty Cup, the beneficiaries are Wellchild and The Prince’s Trust, and the day will be filled with great polo, great entertainment, fantastic food and drink, excellent company and all the wonderful things that make this the not to be missed event of the summer.

Get your tickets now.  (Please don’t outbid us on the Royal Salute, though, because we’re gunning for that)!

Tickets via ticketmaster:




India def. Australia, Malaysia def. New Zealand in Zone D FIP Qualifier

Our friend Ameer Jumabhoy (you can read his excellent blog via is in Malaysia for the Zone D FIP playoffs.  He writes that the first matches were heart-stopping, with India defeating Australia 5.5 to 5 and Malaysia defeating New Zealand 9 -8.

Tomorrow, Pakistan faces Nigeria.

The complete schedule is below.  The top three teams will qualify for the World Cup.  I know we say it all the time but, really, we can’t wait!



The tournament draw for zones and fixtures of play for the group stages was done at the Sponsors Launch on 20th April 2011.

    The Seven countries entered are:

  • 1 South Africa
  • 2 New Zealand
  • 3 Australia
  • 4 India
  • 5 Pakistan
  • 6 Nigeria
  • 7 Malaysia
    Teams were drawn into 3 zones of 2, 2 and 3 teams.

  • Zone 1
    Team A Australia
    Team B Malaysia
  • Zone 2
    Team C New Zealand
    Team D India
  • Zone 3
    Team E South Africa
    Team F Pakistan
    Team G Nigeria
      The first part of the tournament will be played at the Royal Pahang Polo Club in Pekan, Pahang.
      Match schedule

    • Monday 13th June
      Opening Ceremony
      Team E South Africa vs Team G Nigeria
    • Tuesday 14th June
      Team A Australia vs Team D India
      Team C New Zealand vs Team B Malaysia
    • Wednesday 15th June
      Team F Pakistan vs Team G Nigeria
    • Friday 17th June
      Team B Malaysia vs Team D India
      Team A Australia vs Team C New Zealand
    • Saturday 18th June
      Team E South Africa vs Team F Pakistan
    • After these matches, the top four teams will go to the semi-finals, while the bottom three teams will play in a round robin to decide 5th to 7th placings.
    • The Round Robin for 5th / 6th /7th will be played on Monday 20th June.
    • The Semi-Finals will be played on Tuesday 21st June.
    • The tournament will then move to the Royal Selangor Polo Club in Kuala Lumpur.
    • The 3rd / 4th Place Match will be played on Friday 24th June. This will decide the third team to represent Zone D at the FIP Polo World Cup Finals.
  • The Final will be played on Saturday 25th June. The winner will lift the Malaysia Cup.

Genghis Khan Polo Club

Shang Hai Tang Polo Team in Mongolia

We’re very excited about the upcoming visit of the Genghis Khan Polo Club (aka the Shang Hai Tang Polo team) to the Ham Polo Club on June 17th.  You can learn more about the team via this gorgeously produced video: